Earning Respect

This post is separate than our usual content about tree service and dancing. I want to talk about earning respect, because lately I’ve noticed many people believe respect is a human right. I’m aware many people might disagree with me when I say respect isn’t a human right, but it’s what I strongly believe and I want to explain why respect is something you have to earn.

To take a tree service company as an example, would you respect a company that botches all they do and makes your trees even worse off than they were before you hired their services? I don’t expect anyone to respect me without having me earn it first. Not that it takes a lot for me to respect someone, and I show everyone common courtesy whether I respect them or not. But I refuse to respect people who squander their potential and choose to be lazy when they complain about their problems not being solved.

We don’t have to suffer to learn from other people’s mistakes. I won’t judge anyone for respecting a lazy person. That’s their choice. However, in the landscaping industry a company that does poor work quickly lose reputation. Companies that have respect in their local communities are those that have earned it through years of quality service. New companies must grow. They don’t immediately reach the level of other landscaping companies that have been around for decades. This is how the business world works.

I’m glad I got to explain this. I do believe opinion is a human right, so I don’t wish to argue over this if you disagree. It’s always good to hear different opinions, so if you wish to share yours feel free to send me an email. Thanks for checking in!