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The Dance of Juggling Tree Service Business with Professional Dancing

Are you what they call “dancing with the trees”?

A friend of ours in Winnipeg has an interesting story to share that I believe many of us here at C-DAP can relate to, and he has a solution for you if you’re dancing with the trees in your life. If all you want to do is dance at the club or professionally for entertainment but you also manage or own a tree service business, you might find that your life itself is rather a difficult dance to master. That’s what this story is about as our friend in Winnipeg explains it:

“What I’m about to tell you is what I call ‘dancing with the trees’.

dancing trees
life is a forest of dancing trees

I don’t own, manage or operate a whole tree service business to myself, but I do work full time for one and everyone who works in this business will be able to relate, even if you’re not a dancer at heart and know what the dance of trees is. Let me tell you, it sure makes trying to find time for professional dancing a chore when you do tree pruning services full time. It’s a good thing that a lot of the dancing gigs that pay well operate at night. Not that Winnipeg is like Hollywood or anything but when I do land a dancing gig on a week day I have to go do tree pruning services the next day with very little sleep, and after a while of doing this the lack of sleep is finally catching up to me.

“But I’m not just here to complain so that the few people like us have something to relate to on the world wide web. I’m here to explain my situation so that the few of us who can relate can learn of my solution to all this. The solution to juggling a dance between working in tree services and working in contemporary dance is (I know this sounds corny) to go with the rhythm. Going along with the dance means you’re consciously aware of the dance and all the moves of its steps. You know when to put your right food forward because the beat has changed in this or that area of your life.

“By going along with what used to be something I struggled along with, I still do the same things but the way I do them is different. Let me end the metaphors by making clear that by all this I really mean I look forward to the struggle at the end of the day because it’s a dance that must be stepped to, and each move must be beautiful. After thinking this way I’ve been getting more dancing gigs in Winnipeg and I’m still able to wake up for my other job feeling great in the morning.

dance of trees
dance to the beat of nature

I believe going with the dance instead of seeing it as a chore loosens you up and lets you see more opportunities to enjoy your situation. The silver lining in your life becomes full-fledged realities that are right in your face, and something like feeling sad throughout the day while pruning trees because you didn’t get to dance last night doesn’t happen because you would’ve danced anyways even if it was alone on the roof of your house!

But, seriously! Everyone whose life is a dance can benefit greatly if they follow the steps of it and move to the rhythm of the beats.

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PS. Remember, life is a forest of dancing trees!

Tree Service

Taking Care of Trees

There are many things you can do to assure that your trees stay healthy. Let’s begin!

  • Understand the species of your trees by looking them up online.
  • Know how much water they need and give it to them.
  • make sure your soil is high quality and well fit for your trees.
  • Remove all weeds and vines from on them and around them.
  • If you think your tree is diseased hire a specialist.

Taking care of your trees is important for maintain their beauty because without healthy they will decay. Feel free to learn more about C-DAP or for more information on taking care of trees check out this informative video:

Dance and Performance Tree Service

Dancing to the Tune of the Tree Service Expert’s Trimmers

This is what I call “the tree trimmer’s dance” or the “dance of the tree trimmer.”

This is an extempore dance that everyone with a pair of tree trimmers can do. Any other small tree service cutting and/or pruning tool will also work with this dance. The trick is to play music with lots of movement and as you’re trimming foliage you cut and move your body to not only the music but to the tune your heart and body plays when you trim the leaves and branches extempore.

Therefore, this dance will look different for everyone who does it. It’s up to you to move to the vibes of how you feel and how your body responds to the music when you’re using trimmers. However, you shouldn’t freak out in the sense that you shouldn’t try overly hard to make this dance energetic. The energy should seem natural and so often the movements are quite lethargic and rhythmic rather than explosive and chaotic.

After all, you can get into a good tempo when trimming trees with pruning tools and so some people do this dance with no music at all and only listen to the music in their extremities as they peacefully go about their work with a clear mind. Not that a clear mind is necessary but it does help to be one with the nature you’re editing. As gardeners and arborists it’s our duty to literally care for the plants we are trimming and so this dance should have a peaceful element.

With that said, I’ve also seen people get away with doing the tree trimmer’s dance while playing rock and roll. What really matters is the dance itself–the movements of your body and the feeling in your bosom, not the noise in your ears, because we believe that tree service is a contemporary art.

So I hope you try this dance next time you need to do some gardening or landscaping in the backyard or for your clients if you work for a tree service company because it really makes doing a good job easier due to the great enjoyment it supplies. Have fun!