Dance and Performance

Dance and Contemporary Performing Arts within Landscaping and Tree Services

Who said you can’t do landscaping and dance at the same time? As dancers who prefer green pastures over dance floors we say you can! From Lombardia to Canada and the USA, our team of dancing landscapers and arborists put one fut before the other to make taking care of a trees and landscapes a contemporary performing art!


Even masonry, stacking one stone above the other, is a form of dance in our minds. We may listen to music as we do bricklaying or we might just play music in our minds as we build retaining walls and the like.

3 Reasons why Landscaping, Masonry and Tree Care can be Considered a Contemporary Performance Art

  1. Working on the beauty of nature in the outdoors requires paying heed to the rhythms of the seasons and the rhythms of the human body in motion.
  2. A tree trimmer creating elegant topiary is tantamount to ballerina creating elegant cabrioles and pirouettes.
  3. Spectating a profound art of a landscaper can be enjoyed just as much as spectating the masterful dance moves a contemporary performer, at least for some spectators.

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