Nature Poetry

Dancing with Nature (poem)

I wrote this poem this morning after taking a hike through nature and thought it would be nice to share it with you all, so here we go:

Swaying in the wind

As I step forward

The trees sing

And I look upward

Appreciating the beauty

Of centuries of growth

The ancient trees see me

As I continue hiking forth

Wondering at it all

How all this could exist

When leaves drop in Fall

And nature does persist

To amaze the human race

With the support of life

In the tree bark I see a face

Carved out with a knife

Making the tree look happy

But did it feel that way?

The carving was fresh, sappy

And I took the time to stay

To ask the tree a question

“Are you happy?”

The leaves rustled, gave a mention

Saying, “I’m happy if you’re happy.”

So I began to dance, cheerful

And the tree danced with me, blissful

Nature is a mircale

And so I dance with the trees.