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The Beauty of Stone Masonry in Winnipeg

As a dancer who does landscaping, I spend a lot of time idolizing stone masons because the work they do I usually subcontract because it takes so much more skill in my opinion. From chipping rocks so they fit in slots to creating a perfect retaining wall with an eye for how stone grooves fit together, it’s all so impressive. I’ve been to many places, like medieval castles where the stone architecture is a lost art to time, and as you’ll know if you read this blog I have friends in Winnipeg so I thought “why not check out the stone masonry there.”

In my own city I never took the time to admire the brickwork in the really old buildings but after my trip to Winnipeg I came back and just had to look around. And, I must say, the masonry in Winnipeg is much more beautiful. I mean it! Here’s why…

old stone architecture

Winnipeg is one of those Canadian cities with so much important history and it makes sense after seeing the old buildings there. The architecture is out of this world, complimenting the all the trees and commercial landscapes. My eyes were going to explode out of my head, especially after seeing a crew of stone masons at work building a garden rock wall in the park. I went up to them just to watch them and ended up chatting with them for their whole lunch break. They were also interested in me because I’m a landscaper and we shared a lot of knowledge from our respective industries back and forth. Just like how I’d subcontract a retaining wall if a client wanted one, they subcontract landscaping services if their client wants them.

After talking to them longer I got their business card and I was impressed because they’re a fairly new masonry Winnipeg company compared to other companies who have been around for decades. But they are well trained because before I left I went back to the park to see what their end result looked like and it was one of the prettiest retaining walls I’ve ever seen. It might have been so pretty because it was brand new but I still think it would age well. I wish I had taken a photo of it to show you. Oh well…

So if you’re planning to tour Canada and appreciate some fine stonework then you definitely need to visit Winnipeg because they have some of the best masonry in North America.